Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops Reviews: Benefits & Limitations

I am using Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops and today I am going to review this product and share my experience with you.

(You will know what exact problem I had and how the use of this product of Baba Ramdev helped me to cure it.)

But wait, there’s more 🙂

I’ll ALSO tell you which yoga and other exercises I do for healthy eyes.

Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops Review

Why I get the need of Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop?

Ah…!!!! Maa, It pains a lot …………..!!!!!! 😥

This is how I always complaint to my mother.

(My eyes get red, burns and pains a lot)

My mother used to tell me that this is due to constant strain to my eyes because of long hour studying and working on the computer.

Also, she believes my smartphone is a main culprit. 🙂

She put rose water (Gulaab Jal) at night in my eyes to provide cooling effects to my eyes such that pain and burning of my eyes get cured.

But, this was a temporary solution for my ongoing problem.

I got my eyes checked, my specs no. was constant, and the eye specialist told that the pain and burning in my eyes is due to eyes muscles weakness. He prescribed certain eye drops to put on daily twice and advised me to splash my eyes with cold water often.

I had followed the same for about 3-4 months, this helped a little, but there is no permanent relief in my problem.

Then, one fine day one of my aunt living in our neighborhood suggested my mother to use Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops.

My mother bought that for me.

Initially, I was reluctant to use it, because I was fed-up of using different eye drops and none of them solve the purpose. But, my mother convinced me somehow to use it. (Mother is Mother after all.)

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At first, on putting those eye drops in my eyes, my eyes burns a lot (more precisely stinging sensation). I have been using Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop from last 5 months. It has done wonders in solving my problem.

Therefore, I decided to Review Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop.

This is how it looks externally.

Review Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop Packing

It comes in 15ml packaging, with its name at the top along with the Brand and a caption below it (A Product of Patanjali Ayurveda) denoting it as an Ayurvedic product.

Inside the carton, the Drishti Eye Drop comes in plastic sealed packaging revealing its freshness and purity in content.

Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop Packaging
Plastic small (15 ml) bottle with White opaque cap, to close it after every application, to avoid spillage of the Eye Drops. White cap also have small plastic nib like attachment to make a hole in the dropper.

Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops Bottle

Reason Behind Why Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop stings?

As Patanjali or Divya Drishti Eye Drop is (a product of Patanjali Ayurveda) an Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine. It is prepared from natural herbal botanical extracts.

Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop Composition

Each 10ml contains:

Juice of Allium cepa – Onion juice (1.68ml)
Juice of Zingiber officinale – Ginger Juice (1.66 ml)
Juice of Citrus aurantifolia – Lemon Juice (1.66 ml)
Honey – 5.00 ml Preservative: Benzalkonium chloride solution 0.1% v/v

All contents are natural herbal extracts with no impurities. The stinging sensation is due to Honey in 5.00 ml proportions in it. It looks yellowish in color with a brown tinge, smells like more of old lemon.

Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop Mixture

As it is an Ayurvedic preparation, it is best before 12 months from Mfg. Date, if the seal of the bottle is not open. But, have to use it within one month after opening the seal of the bottle.

Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops Reviews

Over the Carton, it is written as “Useful in various Eye problems”.

Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop Benefits
Doesn’t claim a medicine for Cataracts, Myopia and other major eye disease.

Drishti Eye Drop Price in India: INR 25 for 15 ml Bottle

Drishti Eye Drop Price India

My Experience: How I get Benefited with Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop

I put 1 – 1 drop of Drishti on both the eyes twice daily in the morning and before going to bed.

On putting the Drishti eye drops in the eyes, initially for first one or two applications, burning or stinging sensation was felt (Just Unbearable). It is advised to add rosewater to dilute it. But I use it as it is. On its regular use, I became used to it.

  • After putting the Eye Drops in the eyes, all the impurities from the eyes came out in form of watery discharges from the eyes.
  • Pain and burning in the eyes gone.
  • Also the eyes are less red now.
  • Regular use of the product helped me to overcome my eye troubles. It has worked wonderfully for me. But no improvement in the vision and power remain constant.

Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop is successful in general eye problems like mine or can be use otherwise also to maintain healthy eye sight.

Limitations of Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop

  • Not advisable to persons having serious eye disorders.
  • People with recently gone for LASIK Surgery or any surgical intervention of eyes they need to consult their Ophthalmologist before using the product.
  • It stings and burns a lot. Therefore, not recommended for small kids and people with sensitive eyes.

As I have already told that Drishti eye drops helped me in curing my general eye troubles, I DO NOT confirm whether this eye drop actually helps or not in curing eye or vision disorders like Cataract, Myopia (Near-sightedness), Hyperopia (Farsightedness), Ptosis (Drooping Eyelids), Glaucoma, Eye Floaters as many claimed on the internet.

If you are undergoing any of these problems better consult the doctor before directly implementing it to your eyes.

Yoga and other Exercises I am doing for Eye Cure

There are many yoga asanas for eye treatment and improving eyesight. But I do the Bhramari Pranayama (5 minutes) along with Anulom Vilom (10 minutes), eye rotation and palm point pressing exercise everyday as recommended by yoga guru Baba Ramdev.

Bhramari Pranayama is easy to do in any place, any time.

Below are the steps to do Bhramari Pranayama

  1. Sit straight in any asana (I prefer padmasana) you feel comfortable in and close your eyes.
  2. Close ear lids with your thumbs.
  3. Put index fingers on the forehead above eyebrows.
  4. Put middle fingers over your eyes with gentle pressure.
  5. Put ring and little fingers to the sides of the nose.
  6. Slowly take the deep breath keeping mouth close.
  7. Now release the breath slowly making humming sound like a bee or Om ucharan.
  8. Repeat 5-10 times, you can increase the process as per your convenience.

Bhramari Pranayama helped me to reduce eyes strain and allow them to relax.

Below are the pics of Palm pressure points for eyes.

I press these points for 5 minutes daily while travelling to my office.

Acupressure points between index and middle finger
Acupressure points between index and middle finger (Image Credit: Bhupesh)

Bonus (Tip for dark circles from Baba Ramdev): Every morning fill your mouth with the cold water, keep your eyes wide open and splash them with the cold water. This will make eyes healthy and also solve the problem of dark circles. See here.

Give Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop a try!!

This Ayurvedic Eye Drop contain herbal components, having antibiotic properties of their own benefits to keep bacteria, infections, or inflammation free eyes.

My personal experience after using Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop is wonderful, with fantastic results in curing pain and burning in my eyes.

I would suggest everyone to use it for keeping eyes healthy. Do share your feedback / experience of Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops in comments below.

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  1. Nice review. I do data entry job. Have to work 7 – 8 hours on the computer. My eyes get dry and red. I brought drishti eye drop and using it from 2 months. lt benefited me. I wear specs, I want to know if I continuously use drishti eye drop will it help in improving my eyesight.

    1. Thanks Amar ji. Its great to know that drishti eye drop helped you to cure your eye problems. Regarding improving eyesight I personally didn’t have any such experience. But it do help in keeping eyes healthy and after effects of continuous work on the computer.

      1. hii..
        but when i consult doctor they told to avoid eye drops
        is really drishti eye drop works…where i can buy it plz help me

        1. Hi Hanmant, its better to go with the doctors adivse. Patanjali drishti eye drop is helpful in general eye problems. You can purchase drishti eye drop from patanjali retail store and also you can order online.

          1. hi shwetha,
            i have myopia with glass of -3 in both eyes ,when i consult doctor they told to wear glasses, if i take drishti eye drop shell i show it to doctors or i can use directly..?

      2. I have an eye sight of around -2.75 to -3.00 .can I use it, as it caution that sensitive eyes must be avoided.
        Please reply me!

    2. I Don’t say with my personal experience.But;
      According to Baba Ramdev, Use of these drishti eye drops for atleast 5-6 months plus Anulom-Vilom, Shirshashan, pressing of acupressure point (between bottom of Index & Middle finger) for 5-6 minutes daily would be helpfull to your eye cataracts, colour blindness, Myopia, Presfobia etc..


    4. Hey Amar can you please tell which kind of data entry work you do work from home if yes can u please tell website name.

    1. Hello Neetu. Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback. Its great to hear that your specs number has decreased with regular use of drishti eye drops.

      1. Hello Nilesh,

        My specs no. was 0.5. I am happy to say that I am not using specs now, but I am not committed to you. I will suggest, you can consult to Vaidh (Doctor) at your nearest Patanjali kendra.

    2. I Neetu may i know how much eye sight you have before, and how much eye sight you have after applying “Dristhi Eye drop”, Because I have -5.75 eye sight.

  2. Can we use Drishti Eye Drop continuously for few months? how many times should i use it everyday, twice or thrice?
    Today i bought Drishti Eye Drop.


    1. Dear Gamraj, Yes you can use Drishti eye drops continuously for months. See above, Neetu is using it from 6 to 7 months and it helped him. I use it twice, once in the morning and at night before going to bed. Further you can consult at your nearest Patanjali Chikitsalaya center. Do share your experience with us.

  3. Regular user of this product…as per me its a revolutionary product in the sector of eye care products..The best thing about this product is that its made from daily use items… And thanks for the review…hope to see more product reviews….

    1. Thanks kunal for sharing your views on drishti eye drops. Yes working on other products and will publish the review soon.

  4. HI,
    I am Internet Marketer have to work in front of computer for 7 to 8 hours daily. I am now having the vision problem, also my eyes get dry. Will Patanjali drishti eye drops can help me cure my dry eyes and improve my vision.


    1. Dear Lalji, Regular use of drishti eye drops twice a day would help you to cure the problem of dry eyes. Regarding improvement in the vision I don’t have such experience. But one of the reader Neetu above mentioned improvement in his vision.

    1. Hi Calida,

      Patanjali drishti eye drop is available in India. Sorry, I don’t know whether it is available in Dubai or not.

  5. I am using Patanjali drishti eye drops for 2 weeks. It burns a lot therefore, I use only 1 drop of this in each eye at night. I didn’t get any benefit and dryness in my eyes persists. I asked the person in the Patanjali shop and he suggested to use it continuously for at least 2 months to experience the difference. If anyone using it, please advise and share your review of drishti eye drops.

    1. Dear Garima, yes continuous use of the patanjali drishit eye drops could help. I am using drishti eye drops twice daily and it helped me to protect and remove dryness from the eyes. It’s always good to consult patanjali ayurveda physicians / doctors, they are the one who can give the best advise.

  6. I heard a lot from people about Patanjali divya drishti eye drops that it is helpful in solving eye problems and it has no side effects.

    My power in right eye is -0.5 and in left is -0.25. I want to confirm did it really help? If Yes, How many times in a day should I apply this eye drop? Please someone guide and share feedback.

    1. Dear Kamya,

      With due regards to your query I would like to say that as your eyesight no. for both eyes is less. Regular eye exercises, use of Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops and healthy nutritious diet could help you to get rid of your specs no. and curing other eye troubles like burning of eyes, pain in eyes. I use Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops daily twice. My experience with the product is that my specs no.remain constant, but I got relieved from eye troubles due to my weak eyesight. Also, it does not have any side effects. I would like to advise you to consult Patanjali Ayurveda physicians/doctors too.

  7. I have been using patanjali divya drishti for 7-8 months and I found it very effective.Many of my friends are also using and they too found it very useful.The best thing about it that it has no side effects.

    1. Hello Ishwar,

      Thanks for your valuable feedback of the experiences with the product. Its good to hear that you are getting benefited from the regular use of the product. I advise you to do Bhramari Pranayama too daily for 5-10 times in morning which can help you to keep your eyes healthy.

  8. Hi,

    i haven’t tried to use this but i really wanna try this eye drop because i have pterygium in my right eye. someone tried this one with this kind of problem?

    1. Hello Joan,

      As per my opinion, you can try Drishti Eye Drops for your problem. But, I would recommend you to consult with an Ophthalmologist as Pterygium is a clinical condition. Drishti Eye Drops may serve the purpose of giving you symptomatic relief only (like burning in eyes, itching in eyes, gritty feeling in eyes, sensation of foreign body in eyes), it would not cure your eye disorder. Alongwith, symptomatic relief, your condition would call for a medical treatment.

    2. Hi Joan,

      As you used it for pterygium does it worked for you please share your experience me too suffering with the same.

      Thanks in advance.

  9. I have used Drishti eye drops for 4 days now. 2 drops in each eye at bed time. Past one year i have been suffering from some eye problem. Doc says dry eyes but i feel some particals r there in my eyes. Past 3 days after using drops i am finding lots of relief. Thanks to Baba for the eye drops. and Sweta your review is very clear and good. Thanks.

    1. Hello Ranoo,
      Sorry for the late reply, as i was on Holi vacation.Thanks for sharing your experience. Nice to hear from you that drishti eye drops helped you. Also, thanking you for the appreciation.This would encourage me to work more on other products review too.

    1. Hello Vishal, its not recommended to use drishti eye drops for surgically operated eyes. I would advise to consult with your opthalmologist, or an ayurvedic physician at patanjali center.

    1. Hello Ketan,

      I am not an eye specialist. This review of drishti eye drop is just my personal experience. Further, I searched in the net for Keratoconus to know your problem (Keratoconus is a degenerative disorder of eyes causing changes in size of cornea leading to distortion of vision , sensitivity to light and multiple images.) Patanjali didn’t claim drishti eye drops as a medicine for Keratoconus. As Keratoconus is a clinical condition i would suggest you to consult with an Opthalmologist for the disorder as stage of the disorder has to be diagnosed before treating the same.

  10. If i use it for a long time like 1 year continuously so that it can help me to improve my vision bcoz my vision is very weak i used 5.0 no specs? plz mail me ur valueable ans.

    1. Hello Himanshu,

      As I have mentioned in my previous replies that I am not an eye specialist. So I can’t say regular use of Drishti Eye Drops will help you or not. If you read Neetu’s feedback his eye vision improved by using it regularly for 6 – 7 months. But his spec no. was 0.5.

      You are having very weak vision (5 no.specs). I suggest you to consult at Patanjali center, they may have any other known cases similar to yours. Thus, they could guide you in a better way.

  11. I am having a blurry vision . When I remove my specs . My eye number is high . So if i use Drishti . Can i improve my eyesight and does it have any side effects

    1. Hello Somil, I will suggest you to read my previous replies to the same queries as yours. As you have a high spec number, I can’t say regular use of Patanjali Drishti eye drops would improve your vision or not. But few readers claimed it helpful. But it can take care of other problems like pain in the eyes, redness of eyes, watery discharge from eyes, etc. Drishti eye drop is an Ayurvedic concoction, it does not have any side effects.

  12. HI, I am Ranjana. Just i have done perimetary test of eyes of my son of 13 years. Dr. says he has just starting stage of glucoma. i felt very bad for it. then i consult with Pantanjali and started using this drusti drops. I pray god to give my child a very healty life for his eyes.

    1. Hello Ranjana,

      Very sorry to know that your son has been diagnosed with starting stage of Glucoma. As you have already consulted with Patanjali centre and have started using Drishti Eye Drops. I too pray to God that your son’s eyes would get cure and he always attain a heathy life.

  13. I have astigmatism problem… cause watery in my eyes using computer for a long time and also i see some floating dark patches in my eyes…..will regular use can cure this problem??

  14. I have astigmatism problem… cause watery in my eyes using computer for a long time and also i see some floating dark patches in my eyes…..will regular use can cure this problem?? Please reply

    1. Hello amit,
      As astigmatism is a common eye disorder but I suggest u to go for eye checkup with ophthalmologist. Regular use of drishti eye drops will help u to cure symptoms like watery eyes, pain in eyes, but if u see floating dark patches, definitely u need to consult with an opthalmologist. Drishti eye drops may not cure this problem of urs.

  15. hello my one eye is 6/6/ but other one is 6/9
    i have a airforce medical i want to make each eye 6/6.
    does patanjali drishti help me to cure my eye?

    1. Hello Vicky, Great, that you have an Airforce medicals. Good luck for that firstly. If you read previous comments few readers mentioned that get benefited from Drishti eye drop. But I will suggest you to consult an eye specialist or a doctor at Patanjali chikitsalay to get the right treatment. As per my experience Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop is helpful in curing general eye symptoms like watery eyes, burning in eyes etc.

    1. Hello Ashu, Thanks for liking the review. I would look forward to review Sri Sri Ayurved’s eye drops too, as you wished.

  16. Sweta Ji Mere Aankho Me Dono Taraf L(-) 2.0 R (-) -2.0
    Hai Mai Agar Iska Niyamit Upyog Karu To Kuch Sudhar Aa Sakte Hai Kya ji

    Kyu Ki Maine Ye Product 1 Hi Hafte Huye Hai Purchase Kiye

    1. Namaskar Khilesh Ji, Jaise ki mene pichle replies me bhi likha hai ki Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops ankhon se paani aana, aankon me jalan hona, aur aankhon me dard hona me arram dila sakti hai. Kuch users ko dirishti eye drop k niyamit upyog se sudhar hua hai. Aap Patanjali chikitsalay main sampark kar k aur uchit jaankari le sakte hain.

  17. Gd eve…mam mujhe kuch month se dhundla sa dikh raha hai maine dwa bhi li or specs bhi bnba liya par kuch fayda nhi dirishti eye drop use kru to mujhe kuch benifit hoga…plz reply

    1. Hello kiran, aapne dawa lene n specs bnwane se phle eyesight test krayi hogi,agar ankhon ka no.zada hai to drishti eye drops no.ko kam krne me sayad sahayak na ho, kyunki meri jaankaari main aisa koi nahi hai. Haan kuch readers ne comment kiya hai ki unhain fayada hua hai, magar unka number kam tha. Agar aapki sirf ankhon ki muscle kamzor hone k wajah se dhundla dikh rha hai,to drishti eye drop k niyamit upyog se aapko labh ho sakta hai. Fhir bhi main aapko suggest karungi ki aap patanjali center k doctor se uchit rai le.

  18. Hi

    My Papa has having cataract problem with the two eyes … doctor told us to do a operation … could you please suggest me . if i can use this eye drops to cure

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Hello jessy, very sorry to hear that your father got cataract, but as you have already consulted the doctor and doctor suggested him to go for surgery, so it may be the best option for him to go for. I cant say use of drishti eye drops would serve the purpose for your father or not. Also none of the readers ever shared their feedback of getting their cataract cured with Patanjali Drishti eye drops. Further, as I always suggest to contact doctors at patanjali chikitsalay, they could give you the right advise after the proper eye check up.

      1. Hai i have blood clog on my left eye. Doctors gave a liquid to use…there is no difference . Can i try your dristi eye drops.pls advice . Thanks

        1. Hello manjit,it’s very sad to know that you have a blood clog in your eye, use of patanjali eye drop may not dissolve the blood clog in the eye, You have to visit an opthalmologist for proper treatment.

  19. Hello
    Can I use the divya dristi eye drop in eye conjunctivitis ? And also tell me how much time taken for relief in eye conjunctivitis.

    1. Hello Pandey, you can use drishti eye drop as a palliative remedy to make it eyes clean n healthy such ur eye wud not get conjunctivitis, but I will not really recommend you to use drishti eye drops on active conjunctivitis, as it’s use will give you severe burning and pain on already infected eyes wid conjunctivitis. Thanks.

    1. Dear Nikhil, Patanjali does not claim Drishti eye drops improving the eyesight. But some users have mentioned positive experience with these drops, you can read in the comments above. In my case my specs number remain constant. As it is an Ayurvedic preparation there is no harm in trying. But I always recommend to consult a doctor at Patanjali center.

  20. i have 5years old daughter and she has spects on both eyes. her eyes no is 4.0 on both eys. could you help me for how to reduse her eyes no.

    1. Hi Drishti, I am not a eye doctor therefore, I could not guide you in this respect. You should contact an eye specialist. Regarding drishti eye drop, it burns a lot and sometime gets unbearable. So I will advise not to put these drops in your daughters eyes as she is still a kid. Add radish, green veggies, fruits and others nutritious foods in her meals, this may help.

    1. Dear Sushmita, I would like to request you please read the comments above regarding Drishti eye drops as some users claimed improvement in their vision after using Drishti eye drops. Also, if you read the article I have mentioned about the exercises (Bhramari Pranayama, Anulom Vilom, eye rotation and palm point pressing) I do to keep my eyes relaxed and healthy. These exercises did not help me in reducing the spec number, but my number remains constant.

  21. should i increase my vision if i will use drishti eye drop regularly
    because on product mentioned that regularly using it it has removed cataract also.

    1. Hello Ravi, I would like to request you please read my replies above to the queries similar to yours. Regarding curing the cataract and improving the eyesight, the Patanjali eye drop didn’t claim any such thing. It only indicates “useful in various eye problems”.

  22. Mai daily 10 hr Computer Par Kaam Karate Hai Mera Dono Eye -1.30 Hai
    Kya Mai Agar Iska Niyamit Upyog Karu To Kuch Sudhar Aa Sakte Hai Kya

    Pls help me

    1. Hello Manjeet,
      Jaise k aapne btya k aap 10 hr computer par work krte ho,aur aapka eyes ka no.b zada hai, drishti k niyamit proyog se aapke computer me kaam krne se jo problem jaise aankhon me dard,jalan aur ankhon se paani ane k complain solve ho sakti hai. Baaki kuch logon ki eyesight main improvemnt aaya hai. Aap kaam ke beeche main eye rotaion excercise b kar sakte hain is se aankoon ko relax milega.

  23. hi drishti,my mum is 89 and in very good health apart from macular degenaration,wet in one eye,dry in the other. would drishti eye drops help her sight. p.s. she recieves injections in her eyes every 6 months.
    thank you,

    1. Hello Barry, sorry to hear that ur mum is diagnosed with macular degeneration, as it is a degenerative disease, drishti eye drops would not be able to help her in her sight much. Also it is age related condition, she need to be regular with her ongoing treatment for the same. Further you can consult at the patanjali chikitsalay for proper advise.

  24. hello Friends
    I wish if i get some opinions and help , i will be so much thanksful
    I am having problem of catract since more than a year
    when i went to patanjali centre nearby, shop owner confidently says that
    using drishiti drops and kapalbhati pranayam and some ayurveda mdicene doctor
    prescribed (amalki rasayan + saptamrut loha + mukta sukti + moti pishti)
    I am using and doing these things since 3 months or more but no result
    also blurred vison progressing, i can not see on screen of comp by my right eye now
    I asked 3-4 patanjali centres including haridwar one if they have cases those get cure then i wish to meet those persons and discuss what routine i should follow etc, but no body has the data. but still they say there are cases who get results
    as far as eye doctors are concerned, every doctor suggesting for surgery

    i wish if some one can share experience and opinion about it
    if really there would be cases who got cured , i will be really glad to follow
    i am so much troubled situation
    sachinc15nov at jee male do t c om
    eight six five two two two five seven eight five

    1. Hello Sachin, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us. Feeling sorry to hear that you are having cataract. I tried to find out someone around me whose cataract got cured with the Drishti eye drops. But sorry to say I too didn’t find any. Also, none of the visitors in the website ever shared their experience of getting cataract cured with the Drishti eye drops.

      As you said you have already consulted the Patanjali physicians and using their prescribed medicines (Drishti eye drop) and regularly doing Kapalbhati Pranayam but it didn’t help you. But it seems that your cataract is progressing and because of that you are not able to see the computer screen properly. If you think, that you have given enough time to Drishti and Pranayam then I will suggest you to go with the advice of a good eye specialist, so that the problem can be cured on time.

      Please visit the website again and do let us know, about your experience further and the solution you opted for getting rid of cataract. Your comments will definitely help other visitors.


    1. Hello Namita,
      As Dr suggested yiu to go for eye drops for a month, be regular with that. Also you are diabetic, people with diabetes are prone to certain retinopathy. I will suggest you to keep your sugar levels on check. You are using eye drops for a month, even if that would not relieve ur problem. You can consult at patanjali center and use drishti eye drops, it may resolve ur problem to certain extent, but if any underlying medical condition is there, then drishti eye drops may not able to cure that.

  26. Hi, I has a cataract my right eye I have cataract surgery in Aug 2015 and put mani can I use Patanjali eye drop

    1. Hello Bharat,as you have undergone cataract surgery, and has lens implanted, my advise is that before using drishti eye drops consult with opthalmologist.

  27. मैं लगभग ७ से ८ घंटे कॉम्पुटर पर बैठता हु और मेरी आँखे दर्द करने लगती है. मैंने इससे पहले दिव्या
    दृष्टि EYE DROP लगभग एक महीने लगाया था पर मुझे उसका कोई फायदा नहीं हुआ मेरे चस्मे का नंबर ०.७५ & १.२० है कृपया इसका कोई समाधान बताये

    1. श्याम जी, जैसे की आपने बताया आपका कंप्यूटर पर ज़्यादा काम रहता है, इसलिए काम के बीच मैं आँखों को आराम देना जरुरी है। दृष्टि ऑय ड्रॉप्स से आपको फायदा नहीं हुआ तो बेहतर होगा की आप किसी अच्छे ऑय डॉक्टर से आँखों की जांच करवाइये। चश्मे का नंबर कम करने के बारे में मुझे कोई जानकारी नहीं है।

  28. How many times use this drop in a day ? Can I remove my colour vision from drop to regularly use, it is possible ?

    1. Hi Sonu, 2 times a day is OK. I don’t have any idea whether regular use of Drishti eye drops will remove the color vision or not. As it is an ayurvedic composition, you can try it. Further, consult at Patanjali chikitsalay.

  29. I am suffering elergy from dust and sunlight in my eyes.It starts itching badly when i go in sunlight or contact with dust or watch TV,laptop for long time.I have been using medicine for 4 years suggested by doctor but no improvement..At first doctor advised me to take ‘BIFLACE’ and ‘VELDROP’.I used those for 2 years but when i feel no improvement,I went to another doctor and he advised me ‘MEZOL’ and ‘ZYOPTA’.and I used these also for 2 years but no i want to take aurvedic medicine.So is ‘DRISTI EYE DROP’ good for me and what is the method to take it.

    1. Hello manoj, It seems that your eyes are very sensitive to sunlight, dust and also to overstraining them. As you told you have used many eye drops but you didn’t get benefited. So, I will suggest you to try patanjali drishti eye drops once. It might help you to solve your eye problems. Also it is an ayurvedic preparation.

  30. Hiii Shweta…I am Ashwina from Mauritius….I really want to know how I can buy Dristi eye drop or any recommended medicine or powder for my eyes. In Mauritius there is hardly Amla fruits available. I want to get rid of my specs…how can u help me.

    I will be really grateful to you.

    Thanking you in advance!

    1. Hi Ashwina, I don’t have any information how you can buy Drishti eye drop and other Patanjali products in Mauritius. I suggest you to contact and ask at Patanjali website

      FYI, I am not a doctor. This review of Drishti eye drop is just my personal experience. So, I could not help you in this case. Further Patanjali does not claim Drishti eye drops improving the eyesight. But few people commented above, they experienced improvement in their vision after using Drishti eye drops.

  31. I am suffering from dry eyes for 7 months. I am using refresh tears, opthacare eye drops along with amala rasayan,saptamrit loha,mukta shukti bhasm and mukta pisti. but not problem solved. pls. advise me what is better for me ?

    1. Dear Ishwor, I am not a doctor. But I will suggest you try the drishti eye drop, may this help you. It is an ayurvedic product.

  32. I have just obtained these drops. Painful is an understatement. EXTREME PAIN like acid had been placed in my eyes. Cannot use. Waste of money

    1. Dear Kes, Yes you are right, patanjali drishti eye drop is just unbearable, that’s why is not recommended to kids. When I used it for the first time I squirmed. But after regular attempts I become use to. This discomfort is because of the honey, onion, ginger and lime extracts in the Drisht eye drop. To dilute it rosewater (Gulab Jal) is recommended.

      1. But diluted it would probably not be as effective. This is not the first Indian natural product I’ve tried for my eyes. The other one stings badly too. You’d have to be a masochist to use them. Now using another famous Indian eye drop as well as a well known Japanese one. Neither are painful.

        1. Yes, it stings. But the effects will be worth it, if you can manage to bear the irritation and pain. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It will be great if you could tell us more in detail about the eye drops you used and currently using with their pros and cons. This will help the readers.

          1. Will not use/cannot use (excessive pain on application):


            Can use/currently using (little to no pain on application):


            Effectiveness of any of the above I cannot say because I have only been using a short time.

    1. Hello Kome, kindly ask patanjali ayurvedic physician for your query regarding putting contacts after using eye drops. I can only suggest you that don’t put contacts immediately after using drops. Also, wash your eyes with water properly before putting the contacts.

  33. i’m long sighted and use glasses to read and see anything within 30 centimetres. i take time to focus at short distance as mentioned above. upon usage of the eye drops ( it did burn like hell as i had used more than 2 drops) and tear glands opened up streaming tears.

    The positive effect was i did not have to take much time to focus while reading or seeing at short distance as 30 centimeters.

    1. Hi Jonathan, its great to know that you have a positive experience with Patanjali Drishti eye drops. Thanks for the feedback.

    1. Hey Riti, as explained earlier in my previous replies too, patanjali drishti eye drops do not claim improvement in eye sight. But few said have positive results, you can read in comments above.Patanjali eye drops could be helpful in general eye problems.

  34. Hello sir kya main drishti eyedrop 5-6 times daily use kar sakti hu? Aur kya isse mera Chashma hat jayega I have -1&-1.25 eyesight?

    1. Hello Charu,You can use drishti eye drops for 2-3 times a day as it doesn’t have side effects (ayurvedic preparation). But using eye drops frequently in a day, may not help you to reduce your eyesight number.

  35. I am having rapid burning sensation on my eyes, i have taken the 1 drop on both eye just 2 hours before now (am first time user, I / you should bear the irritation of the eye when you apply this drop for around 20 to 30 sec, after that the irritation will reduces ). I had one hour sleep after taking this drop, and result is excellent , my eye become completly fresh and no burrning sensation. THANKS A LOT PATANJALI….:)

    1. Hello Yuvaraja,Thanks for sharing your valuable experience after using patanjali eye drops with us.

      Waiting for more responses from other readers too.

  36. Hello, my mother in law had a cataract operation. Can she use drishti eye drop. I hope it wont cause any problem while using the drop.

    1. Hi Shivani, I will suggest you to consult the doctor regarding the use of patanjali drishti eye drops on operated eye.

    (PATANJALI DRISHTI EYE DROP)????????????????????

    1. Hi Ajay, I can’t say Drishti eye drop will help in curing myopia or not. Also, none of the readers ever said have cured their myopia using Drishti eye drops. But as Drishti eye drop is Ayurvedic preparation, so you can give it a try.

  38. I have an eye allergy for 20 years now. I have seVere itching attacks if I did not use cromal or olopat eye drops. I wanted something natural for a delicate organ such as an eye. I have tried hundreds of eye drops but nothing worked for me. Drishti is the only eye drop which did wonders in 4 to five applications. It’s really works. No more itch attacks.

  39. A warning. The preservative Benzalkonium Chloride has been found to be damaging to the eyes:

    “Repeated use of the ingredient at 0.02 percent in contact lens solutions was found to cause damage to the eye. A 2009 study found that the ingredient could also lead to increased bacterial resistance to antibiotics—one of our major problems in medicine today.”

    Might be better to avoid this product and make your own.

    Here’s the recipe without the preservative:
    1 TB of onion juice
    1 TB of ginger juice
    1 TB of lemon juice
    3 TB of honey

    Put in sauce pan on low and let melt(not burn), than let cool and put in an eye drop container.

  40. hi
    I have done my lasik two years back so i dnt wear spectacles anymore but from last few month my eyes started itching so i started using drishti eyedrop but some how i feel that after using this eye drop my eyes are getting affected as i cant see the things at far distance. I am not sure its coz of this eye drop or may be i have to wear specks again or what?

    1. Hi Poonam, I am not a eye doctor therefore, I cant help you in this case. I will suggest you to consult the doctor for right advise.

  41. I have undergone cataract surgery 3 years back in both my eyes and lenses have been affixed.
    Can I use Drishti eye drops and will it not affect the lenses by its use ?
    Please let me know.
    Only issue in both the eyes is dryness only.
    present age 85 years.

    1. Hello Narendra ji.
      Sorry for replying so late. You have gone for cataract surgery and also got lenses affixed in both the eyes. I will not recommend you to use Patanjali Drishti Eye drops. Further , you may consult your opthamologist for the same.


  42. Hello , I am Yash from rajkot. My age is 22 years. I purchase patanjali eye drops today onwards. I have eye number for the long distance. My eye checkup result is ,
    For RIGHT EYE : 1. Sph : -4.50 , Cyl : -2.50 , Axis : 5 degree , VA : 6/6

    For LEFT EYE : 1. Sph : -4.50 , Cyl : -3.25 , Axis : 170 degree , VA : 6/6

    That is my result.
    And Conclusion of the doctor report is : 1. Unstable refraction
    2. Irregular topograpghy
    3. Thin Corneas

    So Should I use that EYE DROPS of PATANJALI or NOT ?

    What you think about that ? What is your view regarding this ?

    1. Hello Yash,
      As I am not an eye specialist, I would recommend you to consult with your eye specialist with regards to the treatment of your problems. I got relieved in my general eyes problems only with regular use of Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops.

  43. Hey I am 16 yrs old and my no. is 3.5 and 3.75 . Can dhristi eyedrop decrease my no. to 0 or near .75. Reply fast as my eyes getting worse day by day in 1.5 years

    1. Hey Shubham,
      I can’t say that Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops would be able to decrease your eye sight no or not., It would definitely help in reducing associated complaints with weak eyesight like redness of eyes, watering and burning in eyes. Also, you may read the above comments from others.

    1. Hey Ionely ,
      You may use Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops . It works well in relieving redness of eyes, irritation of eyes, watering of eyes and burning of eyes.

    1. Hello Pankaj,
      Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops kewal general eye problems me araam pahuchane me sahayak hai, weak eyes ko theek krne k baare me aapko Patanjali Doctors se consult krna chahiye.

    1. Hello Shailendra, I never advise to put Patanjali Drishti eye drop in a child’s eye as it burns a lot and sometimes gets unbearable. Therefore, I will suggest same to you. Better you can add radish, fruits, green vegetables and other healthy foods in your kids meal, this may help in improving the vision.

    1. Hi supratik, there is no set time period to use drihti. Patanjali drishti eye drop is helpful in general eye problems so you can use accordingly as per your need.

    1. Sandeep ji, patanjali eye drop ye claim nahi karti ki aankhe theek ho jayengi. Agar aap baaki logon k comments padenge to bahut kam logon ne aankhe theek hone k baare main likha hai. Patanjali eye drop general eye problems ke liye hai.

  44. as i wait for my drops to arrive, I have a question.
    I intend to us the drops in the morning and at night, Is it one drop in each eye?


  45. I don’t think any eyedrop can cure eye problems but they are actually used to give soothing effect to the eyes. I have heard that Computer Glasses can be worn to prevent eyes from harmful blue light,

  46. I underwent Lasik in 2013 and have got minus 0.5 power again. I am in such a profession where i cant use spects. I am using Drishti eye drop from last 2 weeks as suggested by a ayurvedic doctor. But i am not very sure whether i should use it for a long time and will it help my vision. Please help. Thank you.

    1. Hi Mayank, I will advice you to consult a doctor instead of experimenting the things. Patanjali does not claim Drishti eye drops improving the eyesight, very few people experienced the positive results. Dirshit eye drop is useful in general eye problems.

    1. Hi Shardul, Please read the comments above to know other people experience with Patanjali Drishti eye drop. Patanjali does not claim Drishti eye drops improving the eyesight.

    1. Hi Rishab, I will suggest you to read the above comments from the people.This will give you an idea about the Patanjali Drishti eye drop. Further, Patanjali does not claim Drishti eye drops improving the eyesight. It can help you in general eye problems.

  47. Hello –

    I have my lasik surgery done like 4 Plus years close to 5 years. I started eye exercises daily some pranayamas and rotation of eyes.

    After 1 day Use I felt my eyes were so relaxed. I still have almost 20/20 or light sight less than .25. Does any one know, if I can use these drops? Since the surgery is almost like 5 years.

    I do not have any eye problems as such. I am just proactive and strong believer of Ayurveda medicine

    1. Hello Bhaskar, as you said that it’s been 5 years now you had lasik surgery done. I may suggest you to take an opinion of patanjali ayurvedacharya before using patanjali drishti eye drops.

  48. HI friends, Happy to see that many of them benefited with Patanjali product.
    BUt i have few questions to make am an optometrist and i always prefer my patients to wash there eyes with cold water and they are comfortable so far.

    Regarding Dristi eye drop, as i have seen all the replies posted here i would like to ask all a question have u ever tried poking yourself with a pin for few months @ one spot eveyday. If you tried it Initially you will feel the pain and as days goes-on u vl never feel any pain because you are used to it.

    In same way the Dristi eye drops when you take initially eveyone as that stinging sensation and later days they are used to that stinging sensation and even if they have little burning sensation they won’t be feeling anything.

    Dear friends am okay with your breathing exercise and as well as splashing cold water and other exercises(Try gently patching your eyes with your palm for few minutes and gently start massaging with your index finger on your eyes up-down for your upperlid and side-side on lower lid for few more minutes once/twice daily for 15days) and i bet you see difference with your eye strain/mild dryness. But Dristi eye drops? really guys you really have to go for the stinging sensation and make your eyes less sensitive.

    If you wanna talk to me on any eye conditions. Get you in touch with me ” steveson9 @ “

    1. Hi Stevenson, Thank you for your comments.

      So you mean continous use of drishti eye drop making the eyes less senitive? Are you a doctor / eye specialist (Optometrists and ophthalmologists)?

  49. Hiii
    I suffered from serious conjunctivitis on August 2015 and it took 1 month to heal.
    And doctor told me take the prescribed medicine for further 7-8 month. After following the instructions of doctor for a long time I feel I was comfortable with my vision. But from the past few days (in Feb 2017) I feel some dullness in my vision. I feel a thin layer of something in my eye.

    Can I use this dristi eye drop or should I consult a doctor. Please provide me some suggestions.

    1. Hi sunny, I personally suggest you to visit your opthalmologist, because you are complaining of thin layer of something in your eyes, this has not to be there. Consult a doctor before using any product on your eyes.

  50. MDAM MRA EYE SIDE -2.5 HAI….Agar main dristi ka use kru toh koi benefit hoga kya…or jb bahar jata hu noon main then ankho main se paani aata hai nd eyes khulti nhi hai…dristhi se kuch fayada hoga kya…

    1. Hey Ajit, drishti eye drops ye claim nahi karti ki is se eye sight theek ho jayengi. Magar normal eye problems jaise ankhon se jo paani aata hai, usme kuch fark padh sakta hai.

  51. Hi,

    I have a yellow bump on white part of left eye resulting redness frequently. Please guide if Drishti eye drop is recommended to cure the same.

    Thank you,

    1. Hello nitin, patanjali drishti eye drops will not cure the yellow bump in your eyes. But it may cure the associated redness of eyes.

  52. There is irritation in my eyes, feeling like something is there in my eyes, watery eyes, burning. I started using drishti eye drops from past 5 days. So I wanted to know Shweta how much time it will take to cure this problem?

    1. Hello Rahul, Sorry for replying you late. If it’s just a seasonal eye infection then these symptoms may resolve in next 10 days of usage. If the problem persists further then I suggest you to visit your eye specialist for the same.

  53. I have done yag laser for my left eye to decrease eye pressure but pressure not decrease can I use drishti eye drops along with my regular eye drops?

    1. Hello Irshad, you have done laser, it is advised that not to use patanjali drishti eye drops on surgically treated eyes, you may use your regular eye drops as suggested by your opthalmologist.

  54. Hello shweta, I am 14 years old and I wear glasses L: 1.75 R: 1.5, I use the computer for 2-3 hours daily and will dhristi eye drops help decrease my eye no. I am planning to buy.

    From Canada

    1. Hi Kush, Regular use of Drishti eye drops could help you to cure the dry eyes or other general eye problems . Regarding the improvement in the eye vision I don’t have any such experience. But if you read the comments above one of the reader Neetu have mentioned improvement in his vision.

    1. Hi Aditya, I will not recommend Drishti eye drops with the contact lenses. Further, you can contact at the Patanjali Centre for exact information.

    1. Hello puranjoy, patanjali drishti eye drops can’t cure eye floaters issues, it can cure general eye problems only, for eye floaters you need to visit your opthalmologist.

  55. Dear sir/Mam,

    I m 29yrs old living at solapur. I m now appearing for competitive exam but my allergy-eyelid extreme itching disturbing my career & me, so I hv lot of tension about it. I have eyelids itching allergy problem from last 15yr. Yet I have Taken homeopathic more than 100 medicines. Itching is cronic conjuctivities. yet permanent problem has not solved. I heard about the Drishti eye drop. I dont want temporary relief so is it cure PERMANENTLY & shall i use it​? Another any remedy do u have please recommand me?
    I m very much thankfull to u.
    my mob nu- 9028308790

    1. Hello abhi, Sorry for replying you late. Feeling sorry for your problem, patanjali eye drops could only cure symptoms related to chronic conjunctivitis. Kindly visit your opthalmologist for better treatment and permanent relief.

  56. Hello mam , can it be useful for farsideness ?? I have L:2.5 , R:3.0 no. Can it help to reduce eyesight no.

    1. Hey Shreyash, as per my experience patanjali eye drops can reduce the intensity of symptoms associated with weak eye sight, but cannot permanently reduce eye sight no.

  57. Hi, my child is 4 years old. doctor says- he is suffering from eye said it is oil gland which has come up. May be he rub his eyes with dirty hand . he feels burn, itching and redness in his eyes. Can I use Srishti eye drop? For him. is it safe for kids?

    1. Hello reena, as patanjali drishti eye drops is an ayurvedic preparation so it is safe. But such small kid could not able to bear the irritation caused by eye drops, also suggest you to go with the suggested medicine or eye drop for your child.

  58. I were using the Drishti eye drop from 1 month and it effects my eyes very badly. My eyesight become very weak. i am very unhappy with this product. Initially when i listened from people that it improves the eyesight, i were very excited to use it. But with these result, i feel very bad. Please properly concern with doctor before using it.

    1. Hi Tushar, Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Yes it is always good to consult a doctor first. Patanjali eye drops didn’t claim to be effective in curing the eyesight, it only says useful in general eye problems.

    1. Hello Vilas, patanjali drishti eye drops does not claim to solve the glaucoma problem. It is only useful in general eye problems.

  59. My dad has glucoma issue and he underwent catract operation also long time ago and he is advised to do a laser operation for glucoma is it advisible to use patanjali eye drops? Any side effects and how effective is it?

    1. Hey Sneha, as your father has gone for catract operation, it is not advisable to use patanjali drishti eye drops over operated eye. Further, you can contact at patanjali centre.

    1. Hello dheeraj, as application of patanjali drishti eye drops cause lot of pain and irritation. So child below 10 yr, unable to bear that, therefore don’t use for small kids.

    1. Hello Danny,
      Yes, Your mother can use patanjali drishti eye drops, but , provided she hasn’t gone for any eye surgery for lens incase of cataracts or any other diseases. Further you can contact at patanjali centre.

  60. I wear Spectacles ,my age is 15 years and My eye sight is -4.00 and I want to know that if i will start using eye drops will it help me to improve my eyesight

    1. Hey Rohit, Patanjali eye drops can improve the general conditions of ur eyes and associated complaints like redness, burning of the eyes, but, as per my experience it may not help in removing your specs number.

  61. On a different subject – I experience cough and feel short of breath especially at night.This has been going on for past four – 5 weeks and my doctor has prescribed antibiotics, inhalers, antihistamines,etc.
    This has brought temporary relief only. Is there any Patanjali product you recommend that can solve this condition?

    Thank you.


    1. @yash Desai :
      I am sorry , I don’t know any patanjali product or medicines for such…
      But i will suggest you to visit patanjali chikitsalaya and consult ayurvedic doctor there…

    1. Hello Bhavika, It is difficult to reduce your specs no. with use of eyedrops. Drishti eye drop is helpful in general eye problems. You can do yoga to keep your eyes healthy.

  62. I live in Toronto and tried many doctors for inflammation behind my eye ball and no one could give me any solution. First my eyes used to get red and than very bad pain used to start …kept using antibiotics eye drops but they have side effects. I went home for vacation and bought this medicine last year (Drishti eye drops) it has helped me sooooo much…I have no pain in eyes for past 8 months…no doubt it is an amazing product …
    Request to people like Avinash …please DO not add comments like shit of baba …without thinking.

    1. Hello Archana, thanks for sharing your personal experience with us. As Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops is an ayurvedic preparation, it doesn’t have any side effects. It might be a possibility that, it won’t suit some people.

  63. I undergone cataract surgery before two years on my both the eyes. Can I use drishti eye drops for better healthy eyes and improve my vision ? Please reply ASAP.

    1. Hello Jayesh, as you have gone through cataract surgery, it is advisable to not use the product on operated eyes. Although you may consult your Ophthalmologist for the same

  64. Mam i am 17 years old and i have power of -4 and -4.5 by my eyes and i want to know if i use patanjali eye drops can the power of my eyes be reduced or any other ways to reduce my power??

  65. I have a myopia since 10 yrs by using this eye drop my eye it’s improving I think this drop changes the eye ball size and because of that cornea size also changes iam getting good results of this drop soon I will remove my glasses

  66. I wear contact lenses 24×7 .can i use drishti eye drops.As someone told me that one wears contact lenses cannot use this product. Is this product is for specs wearing people?

    1. Hi Rakesh, As per my experience Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop is helpful in curing general eye symptoms like watery eyes, burning in eyes.

    1. Excessive use of anything is not recommended. As it is an ayurvedic product you can use it. Further, I will suggest you consult an eye specialist.

  67. In TV ad, it is being shown that patanjali eye drops are very effective in cataract and other eye disorders. For the last two years, I have developed cataract in my left eye and using drishti eye drips. Should I go for cataract surgery or wait for some more time,?

    1. Hello Naveen, I will suggest you consult with your ophthalmologist for the advice on the same, as he would be able to tell you the stage of cataract and the required treatment. Thanks!

  68. Hello can you confirm if 10ml Bottle dont come with foil Packing and 15ml bottle come with foil packing, Thanks

    1. Hi Liga, Sorry for replying you late. I was very busy these days. If your bottle is not having foil packing, get it replaced from the concerned person

  69. Hi, Nice review of this product, does it help to reduce eye pressure , or eye focus issues commonly appear in 40s and those who work long hrs on computers.

    1. Glad you like my review of Patanjali Drishti eye drops. Thanks for the comment on the review, yes it helps in reducing eye pressure, redness and watery eyes after working for long hrs on the computer.

  70. Hi. Actually I am having headache and eye pain sometimes since 2 months. So will it be beneficial if I use drishti eye drop? I mean can it cure both eye pain and headache permanently?

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